Organizational Culture

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Cliff W. Scott

Professor, Organizational Science & Communication Studies

Cliff Scott is a professor of Organizational Science and Communication Studies at UNC Charlotte. His research looks at relationships among formal and informal communication processes, high reliability organizing, and occupational safety. Topics include: after action reviews, work meetings, sensemaking, safety culture and climate, and organizational socialization.

Steven Rogelberg

Chancellor's Professor

Steven Rogelberg, Ph.D., is a pioneering organizational science researcher and professor of management and psychology. He has authored more than 100 publications that address issues such as team effectiveness, leadership, engagement, health and employee well-being, meetings at work and organizational research methods.

Victoria Scott

Assistant Professor

Victoria Scott, Ph.D., MBA, is an applied, interdisciplinary social scientist and community psychologist with formal training in community psychology, clinical psychology, and business administration. She holds an academic appointment at UNC Charlotte as an assistant professor of psychological science.