Carol L. Higham


Carol L. Higham, Ph.D., is a lecturer in the History Department, where she teaches Native American and American history. She co-authored "Conquests and Consequences: The West from Frontier to Region" (Harlan Davidson Inc., 2009) and co-edited "One West, Two Myths, Vol. 1 and 2," (University of Calgary Press, 2001, 2004) and a series of books on the American frontier for Wiley. Additionally, she wrote "Noble Wretched and Redeemable" (University of New Mexico/University of Calgary, 2000) and "The Civil War in the West" (Praeger, 2013). Her articles have appeared in Pacific Historical Review and Canadian Review of American Studies. She has won teaching awards at Winona State University, Texas A & M University, and UNC Charlotte and co-chaired an National Endowment for the Humanities seminar for high school teachers on integrating the American frontier into World History classes.

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Duke University
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