Heather R. Perry


Heather Perry, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Department of History. Her research specialty is the global history and culture of the First World War; however, she focuses more broadly on the study of German and European History; the History of Science, Medicine and the Body; and the History of War and Society. In particular, she enjoys researching how warfare has impacted society, culture, medicine, and science in European history from the late nineteenth century through 1945.

Her publications discuss WWI Germany, the history of disabled veterans, and the development of rehabilitation medicine and artificial limb technology, history museums, health exhibitions, and John Dillinger. She is currently working on two projects: the first examines food, gender, and civilian health during the First World War; the second examines the internment of enemy aliens in WWI America. She also has an on-going project examining the history of Charlotte and Camp Greene in WWI. She teaches courses on the First World War, Modern German History, History of Medicine, Disease and Healthcare, War and Medicine, and Epidemics.

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Associate Professor of History
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Indiana University
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Hickory 46A