Peter M. Schwarz


Peter Schwarz is an economics professor in the Belk College of Business. His research is predominantly in energy and environmental economics. In 2017, he completed a textbook entitled "Energy Economics," published by Routledge. He has longstanding research on electricity pricing done in collaboration with Duke Energy, most recently on industrial response to real-time electricity pricing (Journal of Regulatory Economics, October 2012, with earlier publications on the topic in the Journal of Industrial Economics, The Energy Journal, American Economic Review, Atlantic Economic Journal, and Economic Inquiry), and he has made presentations on this work in Israel, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and China. His most recent publications stem from research on electricity demand response done in conjunction with engineers (Electric Power Systems Research, June 2016, August 2016, IEEE Transactions on Industry Application, January/February 2017, International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems, 2018). 

Job Title: 
Professor of Economics and Associate, Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC)
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The Ohio State University
Belk College of Business
Friday 223A