Victoria Scott


Victoria Scott, Ph.D., MBA, is an applied, interdisciplinary social scientist and community psychologist with formal training in community psychology, clinical psychology, and business administration. She holds an academic appointment at UNC Charlotte as an assistant professor of psychological science.

Additionally, Scott is the strategic lead of Population Health and Community Engagement at the Academy for Population Health Innovation. Her research focuses on fostering collective wellness (health and well-being of individuals and their communities) through systems-level (organizational and community) improvement. With a particular interest in health and human service settings, Dr. Scott develops and studies approaches to implementing, evaluating, and improving multi-faceted, complex interventions. These approaches are nested in three domains of inquiry pertaining to the process, people, and supports involved in systems-level improvement. 

Job Title: 
Assistant Professor
Highest Degree: 
Highest Degree Institution: 
University of South Carolina
Psychological Science
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Colvard 4035