Several official University policies address communications:

Website & Network Terms of Use

This policy discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for the many websites making up the UNC Charlotte network.

Policy 302, Web Communications

This policy details all aspects of communication via UNC Charlotte web sites and social media accounts, and identifies the roles of University Communications in oversight of several key aspects, including brand standards.

Policy 304, Electronic Communication Systems

Did you know that UNC Charlotte requires a uniform signature on the emails sent by employees? Read about this and more under Policy 304.

Policy 402, Student Education Records

See Section 1, Definitions, for an explanation of the acceptable use of student images and likenesses in University communications.

Policy 605, Public Records, Open Meetings, Privacy and Publicity

This set of policies covers a range of issues, including how and when University employees should respond to the news media (do this only in consultation with University Communications), and the requirement that any communication intended for distribution beyond campus must be reviewed first by University Communications.

Photo/Video Release Form